M is an artist, eastern United States native, and world traveler creating art in correspondence with her life-affirming thoughts. In her collections M exposes her audience to her queries about life and makes art accessible to the everyday person by curating art experiences. Themes emerging from M’s artwork collections open dialogue about an appreciation of beauty, worldly events, and the hardships of the mind. Her artwork style and curation focus are is grounded in sharing visuals to true stories and experiences often untold or mistold in African and American culture.

M conceptualized the exhibition, “Orientation: The Voice of the Youth (OTVY)”, a public art exhibition scheduled to display in Stapleton, Staten Island. The exhibition is an exploration and excavation of the thoughts, and feelings of Staten Island students and M on the world around them. OTVY will officially launch the Kamara Foundation, establishing the foundation's arts & entrepreneurship grant opportunities and youth arts education programming. In 2022, M founded ART NABE, a Black-owned and minority-operated creative community curating pop-up events spotlighting local talent with an emphasis on underrepresented creative and entrepreneurs infused with local heart and soul.

As a certified Teaching Artist, on occasion, M conducts art-related workshops for intimate groups to bond through artistic expression. M has a B.A. in Art & Media Studies and Communication from Temple University and served as a local city art commissioner from 2020 - 2022.

BLKSHE is a Liberian owned and minority operated.


As kinfolk, we are rooted in the same mission and/or grounded by similar experiences. Together we collaborate to combine our diverse skill sets to share our authenticity in the communities we call home.


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