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The Kamara Foundation fosters an environment for Black, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, and other BIPOC communities, predominantly Black and Brown youth, to be empowered by creativity through art exploration.

We utilize the skill of creativity to incubate and execute creative ideas to uplift the lifestyle and culture within our communities. Having access to art and a myriad of art mediums will allow creativity to be used as a tool to nurture innovative ideas and build sustainable lifestyles. Our primary focus is to provide a space for the youth to develop ideas that will spur unique, tailored opportunities not accessible through traditional schooling, elevating their futures.

The Kamara Foundation’s core belief is that purpose and passion make life meaningful and are the bedrock of success. Our purpose is to affect the mindset of BIPOC communities to believe they can do anything when it comes to their future when they take action toward their passion, whether it is creative or not.

The Kamara Foundation will launch during the exhibition Orientation: The Voice of The Youth.


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